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Beautiful Curves 365 Health & Wellness Llc

Who I Help

Women ages 40 and over, that are seasoned by life. Women that are professionals, married, divorced, mothers, or single.  Teaching them, how to lose weight, develop healthier lifestyles and obtain balance. Inspiring women to love every beautiful unique curve of their body.

Why I Help

As women, we invest more time in the needs of our families, friends, loved ones and careers more than we do in ourselves. After dealing with a health issue in my forties that caused my weight to balloon over 200 pounds. Lack of exercise due to pain and bad lifestyle choices. I had to make a decision to either live life or just survive it. Oh yeah...I was in survival mode!  Unhappy, Unhealthy, Barely making it through the day. 

Out of necessity, I chose to reeducate myself in "Integrative Medicine" obtained Certification from the "Institute of Integrative Nutrition". Applying the concepts of healthy eating, lifestyle, exercise and creating balance in Mind...Body...Spirit. 

Prior to Certification, the hardest thing was to find a program that fit my specific needs. I was overwhelmed by so many choices, programs, not sure what to do, what not do. Purchasing DVD's, apps etc, wasting money on programs, equipment that soon collected dust.

Why.. was the question. Answer.. to help women live happier healthier lives!

How I Help


Bringing together individuals with a common focus, in an intimate conversation space. Creating a shared focus and expectation. Engaging in core skills. Everyone needs a support system, what better way than having a group of accountability partners.


I love inspiring women to improve their health and wellness, hosting my own events, delivering a number of speeches for a range of clients, women's groups, churches and events.


BC365 offers members and clients, referrals, discounts, on products, services, events through affiliates collaborating with Beautiful Curves 365. Allowing our clients to obtain the services and or tools that we do not offer in a joint effort to support our clients. Discounts on BC365 products and service s available now with membership.

Contact me today... to learn more about services and discounts.

Holistic Health Coaching

Balance... Wellness... Transformation...

Teaching women 40 and older how to recognize areas in their lives that are unbalanced, unorganized that are manifesting unhealthy life styles and relationships. Giving them the tools to balance the 8 dimensions of wellness. Preparing them for a transformation in mind, body, and spirit. 


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  • Small group setting 
  • 6 month 1.5 hour bi-weekly group sessions to listen, learn, and encourage
  • Bi-weekly 30 minute check-ins by phone or email
  • Provide accountability and encouragement
  • Create a new relationship with food
  • Create a individual healthy eating lifestyle regime 
  • Kick sugar and snack cravings
  • Meal Plans
  • Help re-organize balance and energy
  • Improve energy levels
  • Give you tools to live a well rounded happier healthier life. 


  • Create a personal plan
  • Learn how to eat clean

  • Create a new relationship with food
  • Buy on budget
  • Meal Prep
  • Jumpstart your metabolism
  • Create a weight loss footprint
  • Walk your way to transformation 


Everyone wants to be supported, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert. Going it alone is not a tool for success. Have you ever started a weight loss, or exercise regimen and it was awesome initially!  You were tracking for your goal. Then it happens...  you plateau, lose your excitement, life gets in the way. You change focus for a short period of time and it seems you cant jump back in. No matter what you try, you are stuck. There is no one to give you that extra nudge, reinforce your efforts, tell you that you can do it! Due to frustration you give in and give up!

Help is here! I will be your personal Accountability Partner for 60 minutes, whether you need me to listen or advise. Sessions are personalized to fit your needs.

Here is how I can help:

  • Dedicated 60 minute phone session per appointment
  • Review your goal setting process. 
  • Review your Why?
  • Reveal patterns you have been practicing
  • Assist you in understanding why what you are thinking is blocking your success
  • Introduce Mindfulness techniques
  • Listen Only 

I know your time is valuable so you schedule as needed. This is not a 30 60 90 day program. A person's needs will differ according to where they are in life and in reaching their goals. 

Question: Have you ever been in the midst of a situation, or trying to resolve an issue and someone says something that blows your mind, because it was what  you needed to know or hear?. Your like "Oh my gosh" that makes total sense... that's it! Because you are so deeply engaged in the matter you would not have thought or seen it that way. 

If you are tired of the stumbling blocks that are stopping you from reaching your goals? Schedule your session Today!


  $55.00 PER SESSION



For less than $7.00 a mo. you will have pre- sale    access to events, merchandise and products. 

10% off merchandise and products.

15% off services