Hi! I’m Sharon Fields. I help women reach their wellness goals and live a life imagined.

Support is something that everyone wants and needs, although we project an image that we don’t. Humans are emotional by nature and require connection to others. It’s how we grow, learn, heal and how we will build healthier thriving communities.

I too had a major life change at an age when I thought my ”life was solid”! I laid the best foundation for my children that I could, and they were taking on the world, I dedicated my life to be the best wife I knew to be for over 20 years, managing my professional career and entrepreneurial aspirations. Living that Cul-De-Sac life! Never expecting my “solid” life to shatter leaving me broken, confused and alone. The hardest part was to endure the process alone.

My practice creates a supportive atmosphere for professional women that are 50 years and older.